The restaurant is designed using wood, stone and trophy elements which recall the hunting and nature vocation of the area. The wooden elements are made of Oak and Ash coming from the family forests. We can comfortably accomodate 60 seated guests, while the area behind the hotel is perfectly suited for larger number of guests in the form of walking lunch or cocktail.

We have a proven experience of catering for weddings, private events, conferences and seminars, as well as for company events.

We look forward to serving you a delicious meal, with excellent service, in a warm and cozy atmosphere!

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Our restaurant is specialized in serving wild game meat, mostly coming directly from the hunting grounds of the Kinský dal Borgo family. We also try to use our own herbs, vegetables, fruit, honey, etc. As much as possible.

We take pride in developing a mixture of traditional Czech dishes, together with Italian recepies, brought directly form Italy by members of the Kinský dal Borgo family.

Look out for the „Z Panství Kinský dal Borgo“ label to know which products are coming directly from the Kinský dal Borgo estate.

Hotel Obora Kinsky

Tel: 00420-730109315

Restaurant. Hotel Obora Kinsky

For reservations call: 00420-730109315

Kněžičky 33

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Czech Republic



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