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The „Obora“ game park, overlooking Žehun lake was established in 1562 by Ferdinand II Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Bohemia – although reference to this area as a hunting reserve date back to the XVth Century.

The area was originally intended as a breeding center for horses (mares and foals) which was originally located in Sadska. Together with the „Hvězda u Prahy“ reserve it is the oldest in the Czech Republic. The area was abandoned during the Thirty Years War and later restored as a fenced area by Count Vaclav Norbert Oktavian Kinský in 1719, primarily as a breeding ground for red deer and wild boar. Today in this area you can find fallow deer and muflon.

The present-day look of the Obora, with its beautiful entrance gate and the „hunting lodge“ overlooking the lake, was developed thanks to Franz Ferdinand II Kinský (1760-1806) and his wife Princess Christine of Liechtenstein. It is thought that the entrance gate representing Saint Hubert and the stag was designed by architect Jan Santini Aichel, the same who designed Karlova Koruna castle. A small chapel used to stand in the forest of Obora, where Franz Ferdinand and his wife were later buried, but this chapel is no longer standing today.

In the late 18th century, horses were brought back to Obora from the stud farm of „Ostrov“ in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. Here however breeding got out of control because the horses were running freely among wild animals and were in semi-wild conditions. After 1832 Count Oktavián Kinský introduced new breeding regulations and in Obora there remaind only foals between one year to three years of age.

The Hunting lodge was built around 1780 by will of Christine of Liechtenstein for her husband, Franz Ferdinand II Kinský, who was an avid hunter. In the first half of the 19th century here lived Countess Theresa Kinský, mother of Oktavian Kinský, who had it rebuilt in Swiss-Renaissance style, the author is unfortunately not known.
The Villa is a two-storey rectangular building with gabled middle „risalti“ (avant-corps) a polygonal „risalto“ corner facades facing the landscape. In the middle of the front is the beautifully carved wooden balcony. The front facade the forest, and consists of a columned portico with a terrace, accessible from the main hall on the first floor of the central building and connecting the massive double staircase on the sides of the portico. The facade is rusticated on the ground floor, the first floor has distinctive rectangular windows with flat stucco window frames and decorative parapet panels. The back side of the building overlooks Žehun lake (over 100 hectares of water body) and the stunning landscape below.

In 1947 the area it was declared a nature reserve (Žehuňský National Nature Reserve) - an area of ​​911 hectares – and later the entire area of Žehun lake was also declared a nature protected area, especially for the breeding of bird species.

During the Communist regime the area and its buildings were used to host a forestry and hunting school. The Hotel and Restaurant was rebuilt in 1994 by the Kinsky' family, once their properties were returned by the state.

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